Graduates Sharing

Kenny Lam  林樂健同學  2012學年畢業生

I would like to thank all the lecturers, staffs and classmates in this academy. They really helped me a lot in giving me supports and advices on my career path.

During class, the lecturers always share their work experiences and stories which we can’t learn from the notes or textbooks. The staffs in the school always care and look after you. While having the lessons, you may feel bored or stressed. As such, from time to time, they will try to organize some team building activities such as boat trip, war games and etc… Besides, they also aware the importance of work experience, so, they will try to arrange some intern opportunities in different companies for us.

I would like to give my special thanks to Mr Pritam. He is a great and professional lecturer. He gave me lots of advices and guidance on some event projects. I had learnt lots of event production knowledge from him which enabled me to join a worldwide event company. In this company, I have many chances to work and travel in all over the world.

I would also like to thank Miss. Pinky Tso. She also is a great teacher. She is always kind and patient. She answered every questions we raised and treated us as friends.

I recommend you to tell the lecturers your career goal, because they will share the most updated market information with you which may benefit your choice of career.

Now I am working in an international event management company. In this company, I have many chances to work and travel in all over the world. I am very grad that

Quindia Chung鍾朗芝同學 2013學年畢業生


Jonathan Choi 蔡柏祺同學 2013學年畢業生


Shinny Teng丁文雅同學2014學年畢業生

My name is Teng Dov, now working in The Putman – National Hotels, at Sheung Wan. After I graduate from high school, I met BTEC. It was a very great opportunity to know and study BTEC. Teachers were patient and supportive. Besides teaching theory from notes, they share life experience after lesson. Which help developing my potential and guiding me to the right direction. For the coming future, I think I will go to Australia for working holidays, step out the ‘comfort zone’ and explore the world. It might be difficult like studying. But you never try, you never know you can. In conclude, it was truly happy to and memorable experience to study BTEC to help me proceed to university.

Eric Chung 鍾煒正同學 2015學年畢業生

It has been a long and difficult journey; many challenges have had to be overcome, but in the end, it was all worthwhile. Summing up my learning experience in BTEC as fruitful is quite the understatement. I have had the pleasure of being under the guidance and teachings of many talented and passionate instructors and lectors. Their experience and expertise in their professional fields are truly visible in the way lectures are conducted, providing me insight to the latest trends and climate of the business sector and its constituents. Many have given after-class support as well as opportunities to take what I have learned in the classroom and use it in a real “hands-on” business environment. I find great joy in completing and tackling the problems brought forth in BTEC assignments. With assignments that are industry and workplace oriented, my classmates and I re given a taste of real-world tasks and what it entails.

The friends that I have made during my time with BTEC are ones that I will never forget. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing BTEC as well as their own dreams and aspirations for their career and future. I have had quite an enjoyable and eye-opening learning experience here at BTEC and through hard work and perseverance, BTEC has awarded with many fruits – the many things I have learned and the skills I have gained. And without a doubt, will serve me well in my academic and professional career.5. Wan kit Ling (photo take by Jason, article: eng version, all attached in previous email)

Wan Kit ling 尹潔玲同學 2016學年畢業生

I studied BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Business and it was a valuable experience in my life. Because of the flexible nature of BTEC course, I was able to develop and apply my knowledge and skills across a range of practical and theoretical projects individually and some as part of a team. For instance, I engaged in an Event Management project in which I carried out an event with my team and demonstrated interdisciplinary knowledge I had learnt in different modules, such as marketing and accounting, not only in form of assignments but carried out to actual world. Under this project based assessments, my involvement in the fruitful course has allowed me to gain comprehensive understanding in different aspects.

I appreciate the course curriculum as it is designed to provide a strong vocational programme of study, which inspired us in developing good business sense through various modules. Furthermore, it offers opportunities for my progression onto a university degree programme. I feel that I have benefited greatly from the skills that acquired from the course. Organisation skill is one of them that equipped myself from meeting deadlines for many assignments, and have assisted me to strike a balance between school works and personal life while enriching my life. All knowledge and skills acquired gave me confidence, increased my learning opportunities and helped me in pursuing study and career in the future.