Academic Staff

Our school believes that the success of the course is determine by the quality of the lecturer based upon their expertise knowledge, experience, quality and passion to teach and mentor. Our lecturers all have extensive knowledge, skill set and passion to deliver and express the course theory and practicality.
Our school have a variety of staff and lecturer with high caliber background from different universities and all teaching staff holds Master Degree level qualifications and above or post teaching qualifications. The school believe in a sharing and mentoring environment with all students.

Dr Lisa Sham

DBA (UniSA), MBA, BBA (Hon),
Hon Fellow (Prof.) ACSD, SHKIM, NMMQ, MIIM

Dr Lisa Sham has extensive experience within the education area for business administration and she has leaded numerous roles for different organisations as an advisor for their operations and quality assurance.

Mr Bernard Choi

MBA (University of Birmingham), Bachelor of Arts in Hotel and Hospitality Management (University of Strathclyde)
Bernard Choi has solid experience in hospitality industry and corresponding vocational training. He possess the knowledge of various functions within the hospitality industry and extensive exposure of courses design and lecturing

Ms Kate Tang

MSc (The ChineseUniversity of Hong Kong), BSc (SimonFraserUniversity, Burnaby, BC)

Kate Tang has extensive experience within the banking area for business and she has leaded numerous roles for different organisations as an intelligence and data acquisition roles for their operations and quality assurance.

Mr. Pritam Bhavnani

MBA (EuropeanUniversity – Switzerland), B Com (CurtinUniversity Of Technology – Western Australia)

Pritam Bhavnani has extensive experience within the media and marketing industry and has lead numerous project including large-scale events.

Mr. Frankie Yip

Master of Philosophy – Electronic Engineering, Executive Diploma – Advanced Business Management, BSc – Electronic Engineering

Frankie Yip has extensive experience within information system and has leaded numerous projects on data mining and acquisitions.

Mr Perry Yung

MBA (University of NorthTexas, USA), B.Sc. (Southeast Missouri State University, USA)

Perry Yung has extensive in management, marketing, finance and leadership, and also possess progressive proficiencies in business development and customer service standard. Having work for over 10years and successfully developed the region’s No. 1 revenue cinema facility for Galaxy Macau Resort and several profitable business operations.